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Career Growth via Waste Elimination -

Personal Skill Set Growth Applied to Your Career

We help Managers bulletproof their careers by teaching them how to continuously improve their team's results!


How would you like to be able to say the following types of things in your next performance review?

  • My team identifed 23 improvement opportunities within our workplace processes

  • We prioritized 5 of them to pursue through collaborative, structured problem solving events

  • Those improvement events produced the following business results:

  1. 27% increase in KPI #1
  2. 14% increase in KPI #2
  3. 7% reduction in cost


In these times of rapid change, every Manager is being challenged to produce continuous improvement and to increase employee engagement. In 30 days or less, through our online courses, we help Managers quickly build an engaged team of successful Workplace Waste Warriors. That skill set transforms a Manager into a very valuable asset in the marketplace. It literally bulletproofs their career!


Our company teaches managers and their teams (especially teams working remotely) how to quickly identify and eliminate inefficiencies in their workplace environment. Eliminating waste improves team results and increases employee engagement. We call it "Winning the Workplace Waste WAR!"


It’s an impactful way to be seen, heard, and have your value appreciated. Engaged team members improve the workplace culture. A manager that delivers improved team results and enhances the workplace culture through increased employee engagement is an extremely valuable asset in the current marketplace. Why? Because the abilty to engage employees while driving change and continuous improvement is key to an enterprise's survival these days!


Ready to advance YOUR career?  Take your next TGE Academy Masterclass!


Here are the TGE Academy "Winning the Workplace Waste WAR" resources we're developing for Managers:

  • "CI Waste Identifier Warrior" Masterclass (Skill Set #1)
  • "CI Waste Eliminator Warrior" Masterclass (Skill Set #2)
  • "CI First 100 Days Business Unit Assessor" Masterclass (Skill Set #3)
  • "CI Team Culture System Implementor" Masterclass (Skill Set #4)


Every dedicated Manager deserves to know how to quickly build

an engaged team of successful Workplace Waste Warriors.


Not ready to take a Masterclass yet? Start with our "8 Things Managers Must Do To Improve Team Results In Less Than 30 DaysFREE Report.

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