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"CI Waste Identifier Warrior"


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8 Things Managers Must Do To Improve Team Results In Less Than 30 Days


Fast, Practical Steps for Creating an Engaged Team of Continuous Improvement Warriors ...  
Without Needing a Lean Yellow Belt, Green Belt, or Black Belt Certification

Need to deliver continuous improvement? Need to increase employee engagement?  There's a straightforward way to do both at the same time! Deploy our Continuous Improvement Done Right Formula!

      Illuminate Workplace Problems

+    Investigate Root Causes

+    Intelligently Test Potential Solutions

+    Implement Winning Solutions           

=    Continuous Improvement Success via Workplace Waste Elimination

In these times of rapid change, every Manager and Team Leader is being challenged to produce continuous improvement and to increase employee engagement metrics. Various methodologies are being used, including lean, lean six sigma, design thinking, and special HR programs. This has led to lots of training, but often without many successful results, unless there was ongoing support from expensive consultants. Instead of leaving Managers and Team Leaders feeling empowered, it can feel downright discouraging.

At Transformational Growth Enterprises (TGE), we understand that frustration, so we simplified the solution. The path to continuous improvement and increased employee engagement is through workplace waste elimination. In 30 days or less, through our CI Done Right online courses, we help Managers and Team Leaders quickly build engaged teams that can identify and eliminate waste in their workplace activities. It is simply the most authentic way to increase employee engagement!

That ability makes you a very valuable asset in the marketplace. Those dedicated Managers and Team Leaders can then experience the Transformational Growth in their careers that follows when their engaged teams produce successful continuous improvement results.


Our founder, through lessons learned from over 100 process improvement projects as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, has identified the bare essentials Managers and Team Leaders need to know to drive continuous improvement success. We have translated those lessons learned into our step-by-step Workplace Waste WAR Battleplan.


  • Waste Identification (Skill Set #1)

  • Active Elimination (Skill Set #2)

  • Recurring Implementation (A Culture of Continuous Improvement)*
       * CI First 100 Days Business Unit Assessment (Skill Set #3)
       * CI Team Culture System Implementation (Skill Set #4)

Every dedicated Manager deserves to know how to quickly build an engaged team of successful Workplace Waste Warriors.


Learn more in our FREE Report and by joining our Workplace Waste Warriors Facebook group.

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